Google Announces Two New Chromebooks to Launch in India, Xolo and Nexian

GoogleChromebookXoloNexianA duo of new Google Chromebooks models are being released in India, dubbed the Nexian Air Chromebook and Xolo Chromebook, both of which are part of Google's plan to infiltrate the Indian market more than ever before. Running at just $200, these laptops will feature all of what we love best about the Chrome OS, including Google Now, Google Docs, and Gmail Offline for those who are in areas without an internet connection; ie areas such as India where “people's first experience with technology are usually through a phone rather than a laptop”, says Google.

The two models look different from the outside, but they run a lot of the same hardware. For example, both the Xolo Chromebook and Nexian Air Chromebook run quad-core 1.8GHz Rockchip RK3288 Cortex-A17 SoCs, come with 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 16GB of on board storage, and a 4,200 mAh battery for 8 hours of life (GSM Arena). Both have an 11.6-inch display with 1366 x 768 pixels, and a glossy plastic exterior. If additional storage is what you're after, both Chromebooks will come with 100GB of Google Drive space.

GoogleChromebookXoloNexian1Since this is Chrome OS, you can't just download or install any applications you want. Since the program works strictly as a web-based browser, you'll have to stick with apps and extensions that can be run on Chrome. Along with many other Chromebooks, the Xolo and Nexian Air are well-suited for the education sector, business meetings, and individuals who are okay with being limited to checking emails, writing documents, and surfing the web. This will work really well for some, and is part of the reason these devices only cost a couple hundred bucks. Both are available now, but you'll have to go through the e-commerce portal Snapdeal to get one.

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