Endless- a Game Changing Desktop Computer for Sale on Kickstarter

EndlessMiniComputerWhile entrepreneur Matt Dalio was enjoying his travels through India, he realized the country's severe imbalance of devices used in middle class homes. Although most families had television sets, not many had computers. In fact, most of the people who were internet-connected were able to do so through their mobile devices. Since owning all three, a television, a smartphone, and a computer, require more funds, these families are choosing the most affordable systems available to them. It all makes sense. So, for the next three years, Dalio decided to envelop himself and his team into creating a desktop computer that would function as low-cost, fully-functioning PC by easily hooking up to a television monitor.

EndlessMiniComputer1Among his findings, he noticed most folks not only had a television, but an HD screen, perfect to take on the role as the display. The computer, dubbed Endless, had to be designed from scratch, and so did the operating system. Because all current options- Windows, Chrome, Linux, and Android, are all too expensive and/or incompatible for the the inexpensive hardware designed for Endless, the company finally came up with its own Linux-based program with app-based software and hardware. Most importantly, the OS could handle the uncertainty of power and network connectivity in a place such as India.

EndlessMiniComputer2Endless comes with 32GB or 500GB of storage, 2GB of RAM, and over 100 built-in apps (most of which are geared towards educators, students, and entertainment) to accommodate all the areas without internet. Dalio and his team were able to achieve all of this by launching a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $100,000 in record time. Now, Endless is about to start shipping this month, starting at just $169.

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