ZTE’s Sleek And “Bezel-Less” Flagship Device, the Nubia Z9

NubiaZ9SmartphoneIt isn't everyday we hear something big coming out of Chinese company ZTE, but surprise, the company has an exciting new smartphone for us this week. The Nubia Z9, sporting a "bezel-less" display, is said to be one of the best looking phones of 2015 thus far. Nubia made its official debut in Beijing this week, revealing pretty much everything we need to know about the company's flagship.

Similar to a prototype shown off by Oppo earlier this year, as well as a smartphone released by Sharp last October, the Nubia Z9 sports a seriously thin, nearly non-existent bezel. It's 5.2-inch 1080p display is made by Sharp, and said bezel measures in at just 0.8mm thick. The Z9 features a Snapdragon 810 processor, 2,900 mAh battery, a 16MP rear-facing camera featuring optical image stabilization, and an 8MP front-facing camera featuring an 80 degree wide angle. There are two models suited to your RAM/storage needs, one offering 3GB of RAM/32GB of storage, and the other 4GB of RAM/64 GB of storage (ZDnet). These are dubbed the black, “Classic Edition”, and gold, “Elite Edition”, respectively.

NubiaZ9Smartphone1Specially developed software, a.k.a. “Frame interactive Technology” or “FiT”, allegedly takes advantage of the Z9's edge-to-edge display. Features include several grip and gesture-based options, such as the ability to squeeze the device twice to take a screenshot, or a simple slide of a finger to control the brightness. You can even unlock your Z9 with a pre-defined grip, according to Engadget.

NubiaZ9Smartphone2Whether you like the idea of having special squeeze and slide moves to manipulate your device, the bezel-less design is also enjoyable for its beauty. You gotta remember having that extra space makes for some gorgeous photo-taking. Whether you're into the Classic or Elite version, ZTE is charging quite a bit higher for its flagship than its competitors. But, then again, the company is known to design some premium devices. Off-contract, the Nubia Classic starts at $560, while the Nubia Elite starts at $645, and both will be available May 21st.

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