The Lightweight Raspberry Pi Laptop Is DIY Perfection

PiDiy2When it comes to DIY projects, whether you’re building an outdoor playscape or using old computer parts to bring life into robotic machinations, is goes without saying for most of us that the easier it is, the better. I have literally broken into furniture boxes at Ikea before to sneak preview the assembly instructions prior to purchasing just to ensure that the instructions were within my realm of comprehension. When it comes to laptops and other tech gadgets, the Raspberry Pi has become a staple of painless DIY projects, and their latest invention has taken the “easy” to a whole new level.

PiDiyThe same team that brought you the PiJuice portable battery pack just unveiled their latest in a line of easy-peasy Pi solutions with the Raspberry Pi laptop. Using nothing more than the aforementioned PiJuice, a Raspberry Pi a+ mini PC, an Adafruit 5-inch TFT screen and a Wireless Keyboard and mouse, even those completely lacking in computer skills can build their own portable, lightweight laptop. Kids, I’ve seen this thing and I can assure you, it is virtually idiot-proof. The screen’s case can be cut or printed, and then you simply add an HDMI cable and viola! – you’ve made a laptop.

PiDiy1For those of you that are more technologically inclined, the Pi-Top 3-D printed laptop that I covered last month might be more to your liking. But for kids or newbies, this latest project from the team at Instructables is perfect. Aside from being extremely cost effective, it’s a simple and lightweight way to develop software on-the-go. Plus, while projects like this normally pose the challenge of finding adequate battery power sources, the PiJuice makes that hurdle nearly non-existent. The folks over at PiJuice summed up the DIY project best saying “This is a really quick and easy project with a great outcome. The Portable Pi Laptop is a cost effective alternative to a standard laptop, it’s great for developing software whilst on the go, it’s easy to build and it’s great fun!”

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