The New Raspbery Pi Model A+ is the Cheapest & Smallest Pi Yet

RaspberryPiA+The lovable Raspberry Pi microcomputer seems to be getting consistently cheaper and better. Back in October, Pi founder, Eben Upton, announced the need to rectify the “flop” of the original Model A, which only sold around 100,000 units. So now, an upgraded Model A board is here, and it sports a microSD card slot, smaller design, and more energy efficiency. With the new Pi's release, a plethora of project ideas have come to surface, and its $20 price tag leaves no excuses to not get into computing.

RaspberryPiA+1Engineers at the Pi Foundation say “the new Model A+ inherits many improvements that we made to the Model B+”. The A+ board has a smaller, 65mm long physique, compared to its 86mm long (credit card sized) predecessor, but packs the same BCM2835 application processor and 256 of RAM. The new model also swapped out the SD card slot for a microSD slot with a “push-push feel”, and its GPIO header has grown from 26 to 40 pins (like the Model B+ has). According to Forbes, “The Model A+ is also compatible with the HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) standard, meaning that third party add-on boards can be attached to it- including LEDs, LCDs, and DACs”. Finally, a new audio circuit means less noise while running the Pi.

RaspberryPiA+2Not too much difference happening, I know, but knock off $5 and nearly an inch in size, and the Model A+ “serves as a modest companion to the powerful B+ board” (Cnet). The device also has a ton to offer for tinkerers and children around the world. Upton revealed information about Google's involvement in the Pi Foundation saying, “Google's Eric Schmidt is responsible for the firm pushing for cheaper prices”. Thanks to Google providing $1 million to the Foundation, 15,000 Pis were put in UK schools last year. Learning code is getting closer and closer to free, but for now, $20 sure isn't bad.

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