Raspberry Pi Touchscreen and Upgraded Model A+ Announcement

RaspberryPiTouchscreenSome news in the Raspberry Pi front. Aside from the micro computing board's continual popularity (yes, these things still sell like hot cakes), the foundation has some news on what we can expect soon. Pi founder Eben Upton has unveiled a touch screen that can be connected to your Raspberry Pi, as well as the arrival of a new upgraded model, the Raspberry Pi Model B+.

The introduction of a touchscreen panel means Pi enthusiast can build their own tablets! How, ironic. We all know Pi fans have been making their own tablets for a while now. But as this is specifically designed for the Pi, it will not only make it simpler for everyone to make tablets, it will encourage the creation of mini kiosks and other embedded projects. It will be a 7-inch VGA capacitive touchscreen display that “makes use of the HAT expansion standard introduced with the Model B+”. These touchscreens could be compatible with B and B+ Pi models, and is expected to sell for about $70.

RaspberryPiTouchscreen1So, after 4 million B and B+ models have been sold, the Pi Foundation clearly has its head in the right place by introducing another piece of DIY hardware. But that isn't the only announcement, as a new model is expected to release soon. The Raspberry Pi Model A has barely sold around 100,000 units (yes, that is still a ton), so Upton has decided an upgraded Model A board is in tow. Hopefully it will rectify the “flop” of its predecessor.

RaspberryPiTouchscreen2Just when we couldn't be happier for the success of the Raspberry Pi, the upcoming touchscreen panel and new model are going to drive sales even further, and open up more opportunities for products. What a great time for consumers, developers, and makers, who according to Gear Burn, “will continue to fuel the birth of third-party products like Kano and Pi-Top”.

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