Alienware Reveals Triangular Gaming PC, Uses Intel’s Core i7 Processors

AlienWareAlienware, famous for selling very powerful gaming computers (which, unironically, have an alien-like appearance), has gone through some changes in the past few years. Now the company's well-respected desktop gaming PC has returned, and it is powerful. Called the Alienware Area-51, this badboy is strangely sculpted, intentionally. Its new design is said to maintain airflow and keep it cool, even when up against a wall.

AlienWare1Lets not lie to ourselves, this is a triangular computer. After the initial shock, can you find it to be a cool design? Besides the point of airflow, everyone knows how it feels to get on their hands and knees, bend their backs in all sorts of ways just to reach the very hidden USB port behind their desktop computer. In contrast, the Area-51 tilts away from the wall, and with a handle on the top of the machine, you can easily pull it forward to rotate it.

AlienWare3Let's talk internals. Inside, one of Intel's new high-performance Haswell-E Core i7 processors (just announced Friday) happily resides. Although many games still use only one or two cores, Intel's four cores have been standard for gaming PCS. The Area-51 packs a punch with both six-and-eight-core processors from Intel. According to PCWorld, we can expect to see this become the norm, now that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are eight-core machines. It's also packed with up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, and supports up to three Nvidia or AMD video cards. Performance is obviously plentiful.

AlienWare2After around three decades of computer hardware looking the same, don't you think a change in design is due? The reborn Area-51 is a sign of the times! Technology equals change, and if tablets, smartphones, and smart gear can pop up with each new day, so can a triangular desktop! On an added note, Dell, Alienware's parent company, has released the first-ever 34-inch curved monitor. I think the two would look great together.

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