The LogBar Ring: Gesture Control Bluetooth Ring Doubles As A Magic Wand

LogBarSmart jewelry marks an entire wave of fresh technology that you wear on your neck, wrist, and finger. We’ve seen smart rings. They tell you the time, show notifications from your smartphone, texts, connect you to your apps, etc. Isn’t it time for a smart ring that does more? Can more fit into a silver metal band you wear on your finger? But of course! The stylish, Bluetooth Ring by Logbar does more! It can be used to control a variety of things, from household items, apps, and can even make payments. Even cooler, everything you want is done by drawing shapes in mid-air. For example, if you want to reach your email, just draw the shape of an envelope! Even cooler, Ring comes with “Text Transmission”, which lets you write text messages by drawing letters with you finger.

LogBar1Californian-based firm, Logbar, began its Kickstarter campaign just yesterday, and has already gained enough pledges to double its $250,000 goal. Last year in San Francisco, CEO Takuro Yoshida gave a detailed demonstration of the Ring. Among the long list of features, the device comes with a number of pre-installed gestures, with the option to customize. For example, in order for Text Transmission to work, the Ring Font feature is used to calibrate to recognize the user’s handwriting. It’s so interactive; it provides a ‘shortcut’ for almost everything.

LogBar2To begin accessing the many functions, simply tap on the touch sensor on the side. Within seconds, its gesture recognition technology lets you change a musical track, pay a bill, post to social media, and even control home appliances. To pay a bill, for example, the ring connects to Apple’s iBeacon app, locates the company via GPS, then you simply trace your finger over the numbers on the bill to tell iBeacon how much to charge. Pretty amazing. The ring is powered by battery, filled with motion sensors, a touch sensor, LED lights, a vibration pad, and of course, a Bluetooth chip.

Logbar’s Ring connects to any compatible smart device, from smartphones to TVs, PCs, Google Glass and even smartwatches. It truly has innovation written all over it. Currently, it works primarily iOS 7 and Android 4.4, but is working on a Windows Phone version. Its Kickstarter campaign runs until April 4th, and I can’t imagine how much funding Logbar is going to raise until then. Pre-ordering the Ring on Kickstarter provides benefit if you’re interested, starting at just $165. Check out the video below for more information!

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