Fin- The Smart Ring That Turns Your Hand Into A Remote Control

Fin2Smart wearable devices are tricky. They need to look good and need to work well. So far, smart glasses, watches, and wristbands, and  now rings? A group of young, creative types from FHL Vision decided to show off their very own smart ring called Fin at CES 2014. The company had a vision to "enhance the basic computer and give it a soul". Sounds a little unique for a company goal? Well, Fin is unique. Its just a small band worn on the thumb. With almost the look of a surfboard, Fin is meant to be more than cute. With Bluetooth 4.0, and gesture control, this smart wearable can virtually turn your hand into the interface.

Fin1As simple as the ring looks, Fin's creation took eight solid months of interective trial-and-error technology. Luckily, the way it works is as simple as its appearance; with just an optical sensor tucked inside the gadget. The sensor is able to detect data across your fingers and entire palm, then sends command to the device of your choice. Any connected device will respond to Fin's movements. The reason Fin is worn on the thumb is to provide more accessibility to the palm, making each gesture natural in both movement and response. Swiping the thumb down the index finger could turn volume down, and vice versa. Skipping a song title is as easy as swiping the thumb across the opposite hand.

FinAlthough initially self-funded, the group of engineers decided to launch the technology through Indiegogo with a price around $110. Between 20 and 30 distributers have a hold of Fin, with the intention of collaborating and expanding the technology in other ways, like working with VR and other headsets, as well as benefiting the visually impaired. The current prototype isn't at its final stages yet, so the pictures shown are the shrunk down design.

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