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With Xbox One coming out today, Microsoft's famous Major Nelson had a silly announcement to make. A fake doctor's note for getting out of work in order to play on the new console to fight the zombie apocalypse.

Driverless cars are in the news more and more every week. It is because they are coming faster than we even realize! Now we are being attacked by media saying that in ten small years YOU wont be the one driving the car, “ the car will be driving you”. I obviously have some issues with dealing with the idea, even after researching to pros of a car driving itself (such as faster reaction time and allow higher speed limits on highways). Google's goal is to commercialize fully autonomous cars by 2018, while Nissan is reaching for 2015.

Printing things in 3D is not news to many, but 3D printing metal next. A new invention, The Mini Metal Maker, is a huge step towards the future of this. By using precious metal clays rather than plastic brings new opportunities to designers and artisans alike. To be expected, this is just the begging for the creator, and the product is not finished, nor is it perfect. As of now, you can print anything you can think of, from door knobs to jewelry, but they look a bit messy. That is why he has a campaign on Indiegogo hoping to raise ten thousand to continue improving the precision of the final products.

For “What The Tech” I wanted to tell everyone about this new(ish) NFC chip human cyborgs are implanting into their hands to make their lives easier. A company from Seattle, called Dangerous things wants to introduce the first fully NFC implantable tag. You are able to unlock your phone, share YouTube videos, Facebook URLs, open doors and even unlock your car.

I also brought up a device I have been laughing at for a while called Tap Tap. Would you like to creepily tap your lover's wrist from a far with a vibrating bracelet? Tap tap is for you and the one you love. When your lover is thinking of you, a vibration sensation and LED lights trigger to the bracelet. It is just like saying “hello”, which I find silly because you can complete the exact same notion by texting or calling your loved ones.

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