Not Just a Bike, Almost a Plane? It’s a Paravelo, a Revolutionary Aircraft!

Paravelo1This British design of a bicycle is the adventurous escapade of your dreams! How? It FLIES. Not much else to say here, yet I can't help myself so I decided to be nice and tell you all about it. The Paravelo comes from the London company 'XploreAir', who recently proposed their innovative idea to Kickstarter in hopes to raise 50 thousand pounds. After “spending their childhood riding bikes and dreaming of flight”, 'XploreAir' designers spent the last two years developing the concept to an advanced stage that could make their flyin' dreams come true! The funding would of course go towards finalizing the design of the bicycle, ultimately transforming their flying prototype into an expedited aircraft! Weeee! The goal of the company is to maximize and perfect safety and performance standards with rigorous testing prior to marketing it.

How does this bad boy fly? Watch the video and you won't even care! Rather, you'll want to take the bike to an endless field as soon as you could get your hands on it. So here's how rad it is. It requires NO license to ride or fly, can take off from any open space, and soars up to 4 thousand feet in the air! Also features a built-in tent for flamping (fly/camping, DUH!), lightweight as HECK, and stores in very small spaces. So here is how rad it works. The heart of the design is the bike itself holding a trailer that supports the incredibly powerful fan. It can lift you so gracefully and so high because of how lightweight the entire model is! With the flexible wing unfurling and ready to fly, there fires up the electric motor, bio-fueled with 172cc's.

ParaveloSo far the Paravelo has gone through many successful test flights over the English countryside, promising safety and a revolutionary new means of travel for fun and adventure. Oddly, also noted as a new technological way to travel for work? I found that option for the bike a bit of a mind twister. It requires you to take off from an open ground clear of any obstructions, but then can stay in the air for up to an unbelievable three hours at a time? What! In theory, if you knew where to both safely take off and land you could truly ride to work with this thing. That, and be the coolest dude in, uh the office. Taken back to the first time I watched the flying bicycle from E.T., so very mesmerized and captivated, talk about making a dream come true! Please check out the Kickstarter website here for the full story on the Paravelo!

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