Reevu Introduces World’s First Rear Vision HUD Helmet

ReevuReevu, a company established in 1999, with a mission for road safety and 20 years of research and development into rear vision systems has upped their ante once again. After generations of nifty helmet after nifty helmet (and most importantly the world's first rear-view motorcycle helmet), their new first ever “Intelligent EYE” Helmet hit a whole new level. This helmet incorporates the wonderful HUD (Heads Up Display) technology, something that has been around for quite a while and put to good use, yet partly reserved for fighter jet pilots. One may think “great, now bikers can experience the same distractions car drivers have been enjoying for years”. But arguably, the significance behind HUD for drivers and riders is for effortless data accessibility minus unsafe distractions.

Reevu2Despite the legitimacy of safety arguments, the entire HUD technology could provide more potential for drivers to manage their digital data in an unobtrusive manner. Reevu uses Multiple Reflective Optical Systems (M.R.OP.S), where information can be in many forms: GPS and navigation, bike diagnostics, etc; all displaying onto a very thin mirror set right above eye level. Serious drivers also allow other display such as lap times, sector splits and even emergency warnings if oil pressure were to drop. With the reflective polycarbonate plate used to broadcast images, it gently bends light around the shape of the helmet. This allows the display to be non-distracting because the view of road is in no way blocked.

Reevu also claims “pillion passengers tend to not interfere with the rear view of the front rider...the helmet has a series of reflective surfaces that limit the intensity of light hitting the front reflective surface”. You can most definitely manage the opacity levels so these all but ghost numbers are hovering almost 50 inches in front of you. Furthermore, the focal point is not right in front of your face limiting field of view, and with the option of setting brightness this is far less of a distraction than shifting focus towards instrument clusters, mirrors, etc.

World's First "I" EYE Integrated Intelligent Helmet InventionEasy on the eyes in functionality, the helmets are very lovely to look at as well. For any serious track enthusiast, or any individual on two or four wheels for that matter, this is has potential to be a must-have! Many years of assembling complex Optical devices into impressive headgear while subsequently enhancing their functionality has done the Reevu company well. Their ability to incorporate mobile communication systems into HUD aids the overall helmet environment. Passing most of the world's international standards, the fully functioning intelligent motorbike helmet with internal Heads up Display is yet another world's first by Reevu!

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