World’s Thinnest, Lightest, and Most Powerful Workstation – Dell’s RUMORED Precision M3800

precision-m3800-1Even with a possible buyout on the horizon, Dell continues to set the bar of excellence ever higher in the world of laptops. Or shall we say, “workstation notebooks”. This week Dell unveiled their new Precision M3800 at SIGGRAPH, and it is said to set the new standard with the thinnest and lightest mobile workstation in the world. That’s right, weighing in at a whopping 4.5 pounds and measuring an astonishing 18mm thin, Dell appears to have hit one out of the park. But not all the talk is small; while Dell has been reluctant to release too many specifics about the product, the specs they have confirmed assure consumers that this thin, lightweight machine is more than capable of handling heavy duty jobs - all while on the move.

m3800The Precision M3800 will be accompanied by an NVIDIA Quadro graphics chipset and fourth generation Intel Core i7 processor. To sweeten the pot, it comes equipped with a QHD+ 3200 x 1800 pixel multi-touch IGZO display – pretty impressive considering its small size (for those of you doing the mental math, that beats the 2880x1800 resolution on the Retina display offered by the MacBook Pro). While not much else is currently confirmed by Dell, the rumor mills have predicted the machine could host up to 16GB of RAM and either a 1TB HDD or a 512 GB SSD.

For now, Dell has given us just enough in their teaser to keep us intrigued with the capabilities of their latest mobile workstation. Creative and Design professionals are expected to be especially pleased with the final product. While there is no word yet on price for the M3800, Dell has confirmed that it will be available to consumers later this year. For those of you out there that seem to live out of your suitcase, console your aching back – soon your load could get a lot lighter.

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