Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Tracking Stickers & BluTracker Turn Smartphones Into Radar

Stick-N-Find Technologies is a is a subsidiary of SSI America that has been producing small Bluetooth and RF (Radio Frequency) products for more than twelve years, but up until now has primarily made a variety of devices for large companies in the automotive, and health and fitness industries. Now Stick-N-Find is making products that will warm the hearts of geeks, soccer-moms, pet-lovers, and people who absolutely hate losing things, including remotes, keys, wallets, purses, electronic devices, backpacks, luggage, and even pets.

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The company is the maker of Stick-N-Find Bluetooth stickers that are just a little bit larger than a coin such as a quarter, but far more useful. Those stickers contain a small transmitter and a battery that will last about a year. One or more of those coin-sized stickers can be paired with a smartphone utilizing a "Radar Screen" software application that easily displays the approximate distance (but not direction) to a tagged object with a range of about 100-feet. The smartphone app can then be used to trigger a flashing light or a beep from the Bluetooth sticker to help locate it.

BluTracker for More Range & Capability

iphone radarStick-N-Find now has a big-brother named BluTracker providing a line-of-sight range of about 2,500-feet, or almost half of a mile. Providing up to two months of battery life between charges, BluTracker is rechargeable through USB, and water-resistant. It's a small square device weighing 0.57-ounces / 16-grams, with dimensions of 1.62 x 1.6 x 0.65-inches / 41.5 x 41 x 16.6-millimeters.

BluTracker provides the option to set an electronic fence perimeter to notify the user when a tagged object has moved beyond a set range; or with a find-option pre-set it will notify the owner if a tag has re-entered that perimeter. The object, pet, or person with the BluTracker tag can be located using map view software on a smartphone.

That software also provides location logs sorted by month, week, or day so the owner can see precisely where the BluTracker tag has been, and can be used for monitoring the safety of pets, children, and even industrial equipment. The BluTracker tags work with free iPhone and Android software apps, contain a full GPS engine, a motion detector, and have no service fees.

Stick-N-Find was initially an Indiegogo fund-raising project with a goal of raising only $60,000, but has now raised more than $1.5-million, and in addition has also raised more than $105,000 for the BluTracker product.

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