Dell Laptop LCD Repair and Installation Guides

Removal - Dell Laptop LCD Repair and Installation Guides

  1. A Dell laptop LCD repair can be difficult, please make sure to take your time and stay organized with the parts that were removed to ensure you put them back in the correct place. If you do not feel comfortable with performing this repair, please consult a professional Dell laptop LCD repair can install LCD screens for as low as $50 click here for detailsReplacement Dell Laptop LCD Screens Starting at $49 click here for details
  2. This should always be your first step when working on a laptop. Remove all power from the laptop. Make sure to unplug the laptop from the wall and remove the battery. The LCD screen contains circuits that amplify voltages above 500 volts. It can be very dangerous, so please unplug all power sources.
  3. Place laptop on a secure flat surface like a desk. The only tool that you will need is a small philips head (+) and small flat head (-) screw driver. Tilt your laptop LCD screen back so the laptop is now in a flat line.
  4. Remove the small rubber screw hole covers to expose the screws below. To remove these screw covers, take your small flat head screw driver and insert it on the side of the screw cover sliding it down the separation between the rubber and the plastic. These rubber screw hole covers are held on with double sided sticky tape which may need to be replaced upon reassembly.
  5. Remove screws that hold the Laptop LCD trim bezel on. There are usually between 2 - 6 of these screws. Unscrew screws using the philips head screw driver. Remove them and set aside.
  6. Removing LCD Front Trim BezelThis next step can be difficult so please be careful not to damage the LCD trim bezel. To remove the Laptop LCD trim bezel use your hands only. Start on the inside of the screen's viewing area as pictured. This bezel is snapped on and will require you to unsnap it. Work your way all the way around the inside of the laptop LCD popping it up. Once you get most of it unsnapped you will be able to remove the entire bezel and set aside.
  7. Removing the notebook LCD display.This is the next step in the laptop LCD repair. Unscrew the screws holding the LCD screen in place. Depending upon which model Dell laptop you have the screws may be located on the top face around the screen (as pictured) or on the spine of the screen. There are usually at least 4 screws and sometimes 6 screws that hold the LCD display in place.
  8. The laptop LCD repair is almost complete. You must now tilt the screen forward to display the back of the screen. There is going to be a ribbon cable that connects to two parts of the screen. Most of the time there is one connection at the top and one connection at the bottom (see picture). Unplug the top LCD ribbon connector then the bottom inverter connector.
  9. Replacing with new LCD screenReconnect cables and install screen back into the laptop. There are not any settings or software that needs to be changed or updated. It will be ready to go. can install LCD screens for as low as $50 click here for details Replacement Dell Laptop LCD Screens Starting at $49 click here for details

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  2. Nice Tutorial………..non technical can replace their laptop lcd screen

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