Dell Laptop Service Repair Precautions

Warning: Avoid static discharge by grounding yourself using a wrist grounding strap or by touching a bare metal surface like a connector on the back of the laptop and remove all of the power including the battery and power adapter.

Warning: Make sure all data is backed up before removing or replacing your hard drive. Laptop hard drives are very sensitive and can be damaged easily. Handle with care.

Warning: Performing your own repairs may void you warranty!

Notice: Part installations may require BIOs updates.

Notice: After removing or replacing the CPU or heatsink make sure to replace thermal compound or thermal pads on the CPU and heatsink.

Notice: After replacing the heatsink make sure to tighten the heatsink screws in the order listed on the heatsink.

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11 Responses to Dell Laptop Service Repair Precautions

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  2. Tom

    Your tutorial is PERFECT. Thank you for your help. Tom

  3. Theodore Moore

    need to replace left hinge

  4. Sonja Shetters

    My Dell Latitude E6410 is not taking a charge, even when plugged in. Would it be the battery pack or the C-MOS battery ?

  5. David DaSilva

    My Dell Inspirion 3552 will not hold a charge, even when plugged in. I guet a messege saying “The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined. The battery may not charge. Please connect a Dell 45 W AC adapter or greater for best system performance” The thing is, I am connecting to a Dell 45 W AC adapter (if I unplug the adapter, the system will not power up.)

  6. Sonia

    Followed instructions to replace power jack. Laptop blinks 3 yellow lights followed by a white light. Goes into assist mode and says hard drive is not installed. Then shuts down. Ideas please

  7. Charles Keith Kestel

    Need help replacing Keyboard to backlit keyboard. I have the keyboard but I’ve seen videos of them taking it out from the pal. Rest and where you have to take the motherboard and everything else out??? 2019 Inspiron 15.6″ model 5565 amd Ryzen 5 2500u

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